Book a reservation

Ready to experience Virtual Reality? Reserve time at Lucid VR and you’ll know there’s space for you.



$15 for 30 minutes

$22.5 for 45 minutes

$30 for 60 minutes

About booking time

Please arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled time; this gives us time to properly set up your headset and controls.

New customer?

You may not want to book online for your first visit as if you go in-store and create an account you will receive a free 15-minute voucher. Please be aware that your first visit may take an extra 5-15 minutes in time as we guide you through your first session and help you with the controls and headset.

Booking a party?

When booking a birthday party or other special event, or hosting a large group, please contact the store ahead of time at (937) 310-1272.

After-hour bookings are also available for special events.


If you book 4+ booths you gain a 15% discount; we’re an awesome group activity and highly encourage you to bring your friends and family with you!

Age limits

We request that all participating guests be above the age of 7 years old. Guests younger than 8 years old tend to have difficulty both wearing the headset and holding the controllers.

I’m/I have/I wear [x], can I play?

Generally speaking, so long as you have the use of your arms and can see: yes. Our location is both wheel-chair accessible and has handicapped parking available for guests.

Regarding glasses: you may wear them if you like. Our headsets can accommodate a wide-range of eye-wear. Generally the only eye-wear that may pose a problem is particularly thick, bi-focal, glasses; most bi-focal and most thick glasses we can accommodate for but if they’re both thick and bi-focal you may have some difficulty with our experiences depending on your individual prescription.

Cochlear implants function as normal with our equipment and there’s no risk of damage to them while using our devices.