Team Building

Virtual Reality provides a unique opportunity to affordably bring your team together for a variety of team building exercises. Lucid VR provides team buildings and company outings to small and medium sized businesses.

Lucid VR Provides

  • Store Buyouts

  • Snacks & Drinks available for purchase

  • 14 Individual Booths

  • Spacious Lounge

  • Exceptional, Knowledgeable Staff


Group Experiences

Iron Wolf VR

A small team of people must work together to operate a submarine, identify targets, and complete mission objectives. Teams must communicate effectively to guide one another, and stay calm in crisis situations.


Elven Assassin

A city is besieged by waves of orcs, trolls, and more. A team of players must take up tactical positions to ward off the incoming hordes. Promotes rapid, clear communication and decision making to cover all threats.


War Dust

War Dust is a large scale combat simulation, capable of hosting our full arcade with two teams of seven combatants. Each squad must maintain situational awareness and plan strategic assaults on their opponents.


Reach Out

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