December Tournament

Beat Saber

normal-Expert “Commercial Pumping” by Jaroslav Beck





Normal Bracket

30 Minute Gift Card


Hard Bracket

1 Hour Gift Card


Expert Bracket

3 Hour Gift Card


Bonus Prize

30 Minute Gift Card


Additional prizes may be awarded at Lucid VR’s discretion, based on tournament entries.



December 16th - 22nd


$5 Entry fee

Entrants get a 15% Discount on all playtime during the tournament week


Entrants must play through the song “Commercial Pumping” at various difficulties to be placed into a bracket. The highest difficulty the entrant can complete the song at is the bracket they will be placed in.


Expert: Expert difficulty, with the Disappearing Arrows modifier.

Hard: Hard difficulty. Must achieve a rank of ‘A’ or better.

Normal: Normal difficulty.

Scores will only be counted during the tournament week. Your best score will be used. A winner will be chosen in each bracket, according to high score. Winners will be announced on December 23rd.

Bonus Prize - December 22nd Only

An additional prize will be awarded the first entrant that completes the song on Expert+ difficulty with rank C or better.