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Lucid VR is one of the largest Virtual Reality Arcades in the Midwest. We have VR experiences that amaze, thrill, and chill running on the latest generation of high-end Virtual Reality hardware - all at affordable prices! Don't settle for less than amazing; come on down and experience the future of entertainment yourself and if it’s your first time, you’ll get fifteen minutes for free!


$15 for 30 minutes

$30 for 60 minutes

15% discount for groups of 4 or more

50% off on Thursdays

What’s it like?

When you put on the headset, it feels a bit like you’re stepping into a dream-world where you ‘know you’re dreaming’ but it’s easy to forget you are. Everything around you ‘feels’ like it’s around you even though you know it isn’t. The floor underneath you is solid and padded — but what you could see and feel is that you’re on a plank some hundreds of feet in the air hovering above a mile-deep chasm.

Our experiences range from relaxing and fun social games to intense, complex, and challenging experiences. A lot of our games are multiplayer: what that means is that multiple people can be playing in the same virtual world at the same time, despite the fact that you’re all in separate booths. Most of our games support up to 4 players at the same time but some of our experiences can involve every single booth in the facility. We’re an awesome group activity so please bring your friends and family with you!

For a selection of our most popular experiences check out the Current Experiences section below.

If you have questions that aren’t answered on this page please feel free to call us on our store line Wednesday to Sunday from noon to 10 PM: (937) 310-1272 - or alternatively message us on any of our Social Media platforms!

Do you offer Birthday Parties?


Yes, we do, and we’re very reasonably priced! Please try to schedule at least one week ahead of a party and contact us either over the phone or visit us in-store. There’s a lot of benefits to scheduling a birthday party through reservation rather than just scheduling it by making an online booking! We can make your Birthday Party a breeze with packages that range from just reserving our back-room for your party to us handling everything from the food and drinks to the decorations! Make your next party one the kids will go home talking about!

Do you do Corporate Events?


Yes and not just for corporations, either! We love helping out in the community and you’ll often find us participating in school fundraisers, food bank programs, and so forth! Our experiences are mobile so you don’t have to hold your event at our store — we can come to you!

Bring us out to your event and help your attendees let their hair down with engrossing and awesome experiences! We also offer team-building-focused games where communication really reward the participants with immediate and obvious returns.

Frequently asked questions

what ages can play?

We recommend VR only for children 8 and older, as we may have trouble fitting the headsets to younger children.


Glasses, wheelchairs, and limited physical movement or capability are all fine. Our staff will help you select experiences that best suite your needs, and will assist you in using the headsets as needed.

See our detailed FAQ


“I was amazed by all the cool games they have there, and the employees there are genuinely kind and help you get the hang of the games.“ - Carter G.

What people are saying

“ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “- Quentin D.

“Plenty of game options to choose, great prices, and a helpful staff. My daughter had a blast and wants to go again. A great place to take your family.“ - Kevin E.

“convenient and fun vr for everyone and anyone”- Bryton

“I know where my grandson’s report card money is going this week“ - Chris U.

Current Experiences


we’re always looking for amazing content

Our library is constantly changing in our neverending quest for groundbreaking, gamechanging, experiences - click below to check out what’s new and what we’re recommending in the VRcade this month!



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